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  • The voice of

    The voice of

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  • You're the one with

    You're the one with

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  • If I were a Teenage

    If I were a Teenage

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    Your post has lietfd

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  • I know you will talk

    I know you will talk

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    I know you will talk about the film makers but my post is about the need to give artists an online record that can be found when Googled. Something lasting that can be found years down the road. If you add a page then great that will be befeaicinl to...

  • great post jill! i

    great post jill! i

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    great post jill! i’ve found that mornings just suit my body and my schedule best. i have to make myself go to bed early, but i just feel so much better, plus the gym is less crwcded!oourtney recently posted..

  • The prdaieentisl deb

    The prdaieentisl deb

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    The prdaieentisl debates coming to social networking, is a milestone in society.What is more awesome is that YouTube is only a few years old, and did not even exist in the last election!!!

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